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2150 - Additional Information

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A30 - Medical Practitioner (Including A General Practitioner, Specialist Or Consultant Physician) Telehealth Attendances
3 - Mental Health and Well-being Video Conferencing Consultation

Professional attendance by video conference by a general practitioner, lasting at least 20 minutes, for providing mental health services to a patient with mental health issues, if:

(a) the patient is affected by bushfire; or

(b) the patient and the general practitioner are located within a drought affected eligible area, and:

(i) the patient is, at the time of the attendance, at least 15 kilometres by road from the general practitioner; and

(ii) the patient has an existing relationship with the general practitioner

Fee: $86.95 Benefit: 85% = $73.95

(See para AN.30.1 of explanatory notes to this Category)

Item will expire on 30-Jun-2020

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $260.85

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MBS GP mental health and well-being telehealth support for patients

These notes provide information on the MBS mental health and well-being telehealth support items for general practitioners (GPs) providing services under items 2121, 2150 and 2196 in Group A30, Subgroup 3 to patients in drought-declared areas and to patients affected by bushfires in the 2019-20 financial year.

Requirements for people living in drought-declared areas:

  • the patient lives in an area belonging to a declared council under the Drought Communities Programme (DCP); and
  • the GP works in an area belonging to the declared councils under the DCP in a Modified Monash area 3 to 7; and
  • the patient and the GP have an existing relationship; and
  • the attendance is by video conference; and
  • the patient us not an admitted patient; and
  • at the time of the attendance, the patient is at least 15 kilometres by road from the GP.

Minimum Distance

The minimum distance between the GP and the patient is measured by the most direct (ie least distance) route by road. The patient or the GP is not permitted to travel to an area outside the minimum 15 km distance in order to claim a video conference. 

A list of declared councils and more information about the Drought Communities Programme is available at:

Information about Modified Monash is available at:

Requirements for patients whose mental health is adversely affected by bushfire in the 2019-20 financial year:

  • the patient is identified by a GP as being affected by bushfire; or
  • the patient self-identifies as being affected by bushfire; and
  • the attendance is by video conference; and
  • the patient is not an admitted patient.

In addition to people who reside in areas directly affected by the bushfires, eligible patients may include people who reside in areas which have not been directly affected by the bushfires.  

Minimum Distance

There is no minimum distance for telehealth services provided to patients affected by bushfire.

Record Keeping

Participating GPs must keep contemporaneous notes of the consultation including documenting that the service was performed by video conference, the date and the time.

For telehealth mental health and well-being services provided to patients affected by bushfire, the patient’s invoice or Medicare voucher must be annotated to indicate that the patient was identified by the GP as an eligible patient or the patient self-identified themselves.

Only clinical details recorded at the time of the attendance count towards the time of the consultation. It does not include information added at a later time, such as reports of investigations. 

In some situations a patient may receive a telehealth consultation and a face to face consultation by the same or different GP on the same day.

Medicare benefits may be paid for more than one video consultation on a patient on the same day by the GP, provided the second (and any following) video consultations are not a continuation of the initial or earlier video consultations. GPs will need to provide the times of each consultation on the patient's account or bulk billing voucher. 

Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN)

Items which provide for telehealth patient-end support services are subject to EMSN caps equal to 300% of the schedule fee (to a maximum of $500). This is consistent with Government policy relating to capping EMSN for MBS consultation services. 

Aftercare Rule

Video consultations are subject to the same aftercare rules as face to face consultations. 

Technical requirements

In order to fulfil the item descriptor there must be a visual and audio link between the patient and the GP.  If the GP is unable to establish both a video and audio link with the patient, a MBS rebate for a video consultation is not payable. 

Individual GPs must be confident that the technology used is able to satisfy the item descriptor and that software and hardware used to deliver a video conference meets the applicable laws for security and privacy.

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