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T8 - Surgical Operations
1 - General

BREAST, BIOPSY OF SOLID TUMOUR OR TISSUE OF, using a bore-enbloc stereotactic biopsy, for histological examination, when conducted by a surgeon as determined by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons; where imaging has demonstrated an impalpable lesion of less than 15mm in diameter, including initial guidewire localisation of lesion, by hookwire or similar device, using interventional imaging techniques and including imaging not being a service associated with a service to which item 31530, 31536 or 31548 applies

Multiple Services Rule


Fee: $595.65 Benefit: 75% = $446.75 85% = $513.95

(See para TN.8.2, TN.8.27 of explanatory notes to this Category)

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Multiple Operation Rule

The fees for two or more operations, listed in Group T8 (other than Subgroup 12 of that Group), performed on a patient on the one occasion (except as provided in paragraph T8.2.3) are calculated by the following rule:‑

-               100% for the item with the greatest Schedule fee

plus 50% for the item with the next greatest Schedule fee

plus 25% for each other item.


(a)           Fees so calculated which result in a sum which is not a multiple of 5 cents are to be taken to the next higher multiple of 5 cents.

(b)           Where two or more operations performed on the one occasion have Schedule fees which are equal, one of these amounts shall be treated as being greater than the other or others of those amounts.

(c)           The Schedule fee for benefits purposes is the aggregate of the fees calculated in accordance with the above formula.

(d)           For these purposes the term "operation" only refers to all items in Group T8 (other than Subgroup 12 of that Group).

This rule does not apply to an operation which is one of two or more operations performed under the one anaesthetic on the same patient if the medical practitioner who performed the operation did not also perform or assist at the other operation or any of the other operations, or administer the anaesthetic.  In such cases the fees specified in the Schedule apply.

Where two medical practitioners operate independently and either performs more than one operation, the method of assessment outlined above would apply in respect of the services performed by each medical practitioner.

If the operation comprises a combination of procedures which are commonly performed together and for which a specific combined item is provided in the Schedule, it is regarded as the one item and service in applying the multiple operation rule.

There are a number of items in the Schedule where the description indicates that the item applies only when rendered in association with another procedure. The Schedule fees for such items have therefore been determined on the basis that they would always be subject to the "multiple operation rule".

Where the need arises for the patient to be returned to the operating theatre on the same day as the original procedure for further surgery due to post-operative complications, which would not be considered as normal aftercare - see paragraph T8.2, such procedures would generally not be subject to the "multiple operation rule".  Accounts should be endorsed to the effect that they are separate procedures so that a separate benefit may be paid.

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap

The Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) benefit cap for items subject to the multiple operations rule, where all items in that claim are subject to a cap are calculated from the abated (reduced) schedule fee.

For example, if an item has a Schedule fee of $100 and an EMSN benefit cap equal to 80 per cent of the schedule fee, the calculated EMSN benefit cap would be $80.  However, if the schedule fee for the item is reduced by 50 per cent in accordance with the multiple operations rule provisions, and all items in that claim carry a cap, the calculated EMSN benefit cap for the item is $40 (50% of $100*80%). 

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Diagnostic Biopsy of Breast using Advanced Breast Biopsy Instrumentation - (Items 31539 and 31545)

For the purposes of Items 31539 and 31545, surgeons performing this procedure should have evidence of appropriate training via a course approved by the Breast Section of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, have experience in the procedure, and the Department of Human Services notified of their eligibility to perform this procedure.

The ABBI procedure is contraindicated and should not be performed on the following subset of patients:

-                  Patients with mass, asymmetry or clustered microcalcifications that cannot be targeted using digital imaging equipment;

-                  Patients unable to lie prone and still for 30 to 60 minutes;

-                  Breasts less than 20mm in thickness when compressed;

-                  Women on anticoagulants;

-                  Lesions that are too close to the chest wall to allow cannula access;

-                  Patients weighing more than 135kg;

-                  Women with prosthetic breast implants.

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