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M18 - Allied health telehealth and phone services
14 - Pregnancy support counselling phone services

Non directive pregnancy support counselling health service provided to a person, who is currently pregnant or who has been pregnant in the preceding 12 months by an eligible psychologist, eligible social worker or eligible mental health nurse as a phone attendance if:

(a)    the person is concerned about a current pregnancy or a pregnancy that occurred in the 12 months preceding the provision of the first service; and

(b)    the person is referred by a medical practitioner who is not a specialist or consultant physician; and

(c)     the service is provided to the person individually; and

(d)    the eligible psychologist, eligible social worker or eligible mental health nurse does not have a direct pecuniary interest in a health service that has as its primary purpose the provision of services for pregnancy termination; and

(e)     the service is at least 30 minutes duration;

to a maximum of 3 services (including services to which items 81000, 81005, 81010 in the Allied Health Determination, item 4001 of the general medical services table and item 93026, 92136 and 92138 apply) for each pregnancy.

The service may be used to address any pregnancy related issues for which non directive counselling is appropriate



Fee: $77.30 Benefit: 85% = $65.75

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $231.90


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