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M18 - Allied health telehealth and phone services
18 - Phone attendance to person of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent

Phone attendance provided to a person who is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent by an eligible allied health practitioner if:

(a)   a medical practitioner has undertaken a health assessment and identified a need for follow‑up allied health services; and

(b)   the person is referred to the eligible allied health practitioner by a medical practitioner using a referral form issued by the Department or a referral form that contains all the components of the form issued by the Department; and

(c)   the service is provided to the person individually; and

(d)   the service is of at least 20 minutes duration; and

(e)   after the service, the eligible allied health practitioner gives a written report to the referring medical practitioner mentioned in paragraph (b):

(i) if the service is the only service under the referral—in relation to that service; or

(ii) if the service is the first or the last service under the referral—in relation to that service; or

(iii) if neither subparagraph (i) nor (ii) applies but the service involves matters that the referring medical practitioner would reasonably expect to be informed of—in relation to those matters;

to a maximum of 5 services (including any services to which this item or item 93060 or any item in Part 6 of Schedule 2 to the Allied Health Determination applies) in a calendar year

Fee: $65.85 Benefit: 85% = $56.00

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $197.55


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