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M29 - Initial services 1 per provider per patient in a 12 month period (is included in the additional tally of 5)
3 - Subsequent services - maximum of 5 (including any initial services and physical therapy services)

Speech pathology service provided to a care recipient in a residential aged care facility, at a residential aged care facility, by an eligible speech pathologist if all of the following apply:

(a) the service is provided to a person whose chronic or complex care needs is being managed under:

  (i) a multidisciplinary care plan for a residential aged care recipient to which items 232, 731, 92027, 92058, 92071, 92102, 93469 or 93475 applies; or

  (ii) a shared care plan; or

  (iii) a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements, where the chronic or complex condition was being treated prior to the person receiving residential care;

(b) the person is referred to the eligible speech pathologist by the medical practitioner using a referral form that has been issued by the Department or a referral form that contains all the components of the form issued by the Department;

(c) the service is provided to the person individually and in person; and

(d) the service is at least 20 minutes in duration; and

(e) after the service, the eligible speech pathologist gives a written report to the referring medical practitioner:

  (i) if the service is the only service under the referral—in relation to that service; or

  (ii) if the service is the first or last service under the referral—in relation to that service; or

  (iii) if neither subparagraph (i) nor (ii) applies but the service involves matters that the referring medical practitioner would reasonably expect to be informed of—in relation to those matters

Fee: $64.80 Benefit: 85% = $55.10


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