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M31 - Group assessment items (1 assessment per calendar year)
3 - Physical therapy items (included in the tally of XX)

Additional exercise physiology health service provided to a care recipient in a residential aged care facility with type 2 diabetes, at a residential aged care facility, by an eligible exercise physiologist as a group service for the management of type 2 diabetes if:

(a) the person has been assessed as suitable for a type 2 diabetes group service under assessment item 81100, 81110, 81120, 93284, 93286, 93606, 93607 or 93608; and

(b) the person has received 8 services, to which an item in subgroup 2 of Group M31 or 81105, 81115,  81125 applied (in total for all items), in that calendar year.

(c) the service is provided to a person who is part of a group of between 2 and 12 patients; and

(d) the service is provided in person; and

(e) the service is of at least 60 minutes duration; and

(f) after the last service to which this item applies was provided to a person in a calendar year, the eligible exercise physiologist gives a written report to the referring medical practitioner

Fee: $20.70 Benefit: 85% = $17.60


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