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T1 - Miscellaneous Therapeutic Procedures
9 - Procedures Associated With Intensive Care And Cardiopulmonary Support

COUNTERPULSATION BY INTRAAORTIC BALLOON management on the first day including initial and subsequent consultations and monitoring of parameters


Fee: $158.60 Benefit: 75% = $118.95 85% = $134.85

(See para TN.1.10 of explanatory notes to this Category)

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Procedures Associated with Intensive Care - (Items 13818, 13842, 13847, 13848 and 13857)

Item 13818 covers the insertion of a right heart balloon catheter (Swan-Ganz catheter).  Benefits are payable under this item only once per day except where a second discrete operation is performed on that day. 

Benefits are payable under items 13876 (within an ICU) and 11600 (outside an ICU) once only for each type of pressure, up to a maximum of 4 pressures per patient per calendar day, and irrespective of the number of the practitioners involoved in monitoring the pressures. 

If a service covered by Item 13842 is provided outside of an ICU, in association with, for example, an anaesthetic, benefits are payable for Item 13842 in addition to Item 13870 where the services are performed on the same day.  Where this occurs, accounts should be endorsed "performed outside of an Intensive Care Unit" against Item 13842. 

Items 13847 and 13848

Item 13847 covers management of counterpulsation by intraaortic balloon on the first day and includes initial and subsequent consultations and monitoring of parameters. Insertion of the intraaortic balloon is covered under item 38609 Management on each day subsequent to the first is covered under item 13848. 

"management" of counterpulsation of intraaortic  balloon means full heamodynamic assessment and management on several occasions during the day. 

Item 13857 covers the establishment of airway access and initiation of ventilation on a patient outside intensive care for the purpose of subsequent ventilatory support in intensive care. Benefits are not payable under Item 13857 where airway access and ventilation is initiated in the context of an anaesthetic for surgery even if it is likely that following surgery the patient will be ventilated in an ICU. In such cases the appropriate anaesthetic item/s should be itemised. 

Medicare benefits are not payable for sampling by arterial puncture under Item 13839 in addition to Item 13870 (and 13873) on the same day.  Benefits are payable under Item 13842 (Intra-arterial cannulation) in addition to Item 13870 (and 13873) when performed on the same day.


Related Items: 11600 13818 13842 13847 13848 13857 13870 13876


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