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A19 - Other Non-Referred Attendances Associated With Pip Incentive Payments To Which No Other Item Applies
2 - Completion Of An Annual Cycle Of Care For Patients With Established Diabetes Mellitus

Professional attendance at consulting rooms of more than 45 minutes in duration by a medical practitioner who practises in general practice (other than a general practitioner), that completes the minimum requirements for a cycle of care of a patient with established diabetes mellitus

Fee: $61.00 Benefit: 100% = $61.00

(See para AN.0.54 of explanatory notes to this Category)

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $183.00

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Completion of the Annual Diabetes Cycle of Care for Patients with Established Diabetes Mellitus - (Items 2517 - 2526 and 2620 - 2635)

The item numbers 2517, 2518, 2521, 2522, 2525, 2526, and 2620, 2622, 2624, 2631, 2633, 2635, should be used in place of the usual attendance item when a consultation completes the minimum requirements of the annual Diabetes Cycle of Care for a patient with established diabetes mellitus.

The annual Diabetes Cycle of Care must be completed over a period of 11 months and up to 13 months, and at a minimum must include:

Assess diabetes control by measuring HbA1c

At least once every year

Ensure that a comprehensive eye examination is carried out*

At least once every two years

Measure weight and height and calculate BMI**

At least twice every cycle of care

Measure blood pressure

At least twice every cycle of care

Examine feet***

At least twice every cycle of care

Measure total cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL cholesterol

At least once every year

Test for microalbuminuria

At least once every year

Test for estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR)

At least once every year

Provide self-care education

Patient education regarding diabetes management

Review diet

Reinforce information about appropriate dietary choices

Review levels of physical activity

Reinforce information about appropriate levels of physical activity

Check smoking status

Encourage cessation of smoking (if relevant)

Review of Medication

Medication review

*    Not required if the patient is blind or does not have both eyes.

**  Initial visit: measure height and weight and calculate BMI as part of the initial assessment.

      Subsequent visits: measure weight.

*** Not required if the patient does not have both feet.

These requirements are generally based on the current general practice guidelines produced by Diabetes Australia and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (Diabetes Management in General Practice). Doctors using these items should familiarise themselves with these guidelines and with subsequent editions of these guidelines as they become available.

Use of these items certifies that the minimum requirements of the Diabetes Cycle of Care have been completed for a patient with established diabetes mellitus in accordance with the guidelines above.

These items should only be used once per cycle per patient of either A18 Subgroup 2 or A19 Subgroup 2. For example, if item 2517 is claimed for a patient then no other diabetes item in groups A18 or A19 can be used for this patient in the same cycle.

The requirements for claiming these items are the minimum needed to provide good care for a patient with diabetes.  Additional levels of care will be needed by insulin-dependent patients and those with abnormal review findings, complications and/or co-morbidities.

In addition to attracting a Medicare rebate, recording a completion of a Diabetes Cycle of Care through the use of these items will initiate a Diabetes Service Incentive Payment (SIP) through the Practice Incentives Program (PIP).

All visits should be billed under the normal attendance items with the exception of the visit that completes all of the minimum requirements of the Diabetes Cycle of Care.

A PIP Diabetes SIP is available for completing the minimum requirements of the Diabetes Cycle of Care for individual patients as specified above. The Diabetes SIP is only paid once every 11-13 month period per patient. The SIP will be paid to the medical practitioner who provided the service if the service was provided in a general practice participating in the PIP Diabetes Incentive. A further PIP Diabetes Incentive payment is paid to practices which reach target levels of care for their patients with diabetes mellitus.  More detailed information on the PIP Diabetes Incentive is available from the Department of Human Services PIP enquiry line on 1800 222 032 or  the Department of Human Services website.

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