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T8 - Surgical Operations
13 - Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
4 - Other Grafts And Miscellaneous Procedures

Liposuction (suction assisted lipolysis) to one regional area (one limb or trunk), for treatment of post traumatic pseudolipoma, if photographic and/or diagnostic imaging evidence demonstrating the clinical need for this service is documented in the patient notes

Multiple Operation Rule


Fee: $667.85 Benefit: 75% = $500.90

(See para TN.8.8, TN.8.101 of explanatory notes to this Category)

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Lipectomy - (Items 30165 to 30179)

Lipectomy is not intended as a primary bariatric procedure to correct obesity. MBS benefits are not available for surgery performed for cosmetic purposes. 

For the purpose of informing patient eligibility for lipectomy items (30165-30172, 30177, 30179) that are for the management of significant weight loss (SWL), SWL is defined as a weight loss equivalent of at least five BMI units. Weight must be stable for at least six months following significant weight loss prior to lipectomy. For significant weight loss that has occurred following pregnancy, the products of conception must not be included in the calculation of baseline weight to measure weight loss against. 

Multiple lipectomies of redundant non-abdominal skin and fat as a direct consequence of mass weight loss (for example on both buttocks and both thighs), attracts a Medicare benefit only once against the relevant item (30171 or 30172). The schedule fee for multiple lipectomies for excision of redundant non-abdominal skin and fat following massive weight loss is the same regardless of the number of excisions. 

The lipectomy items cannot be claimed in association with items 45564, 45565 or 45530. Where the abdomen requires surgical closure with reconstruction of the umbilicus following free tissue transfer (45564, 45565) or breast reconstruction (45530), item 45569 is to be claimed. 

In the context of eligibility for item 30175, acceptable examples of conservative non-surgical treatment include symptomatic management with pain medication, lower back braces, lifestyle changes, physiotherapy and/or exercise.

Diagnostic imaging, documented symptoms of pain and discomfort, and documented failure to respond to non-surgical conservative treatment must all be documented in patient notes. 

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Liposuction - (Items 45584 and 45585)

Medicare benefits for liposuction are generally attracted under item 45584, that is for the treatment of post-traumatic pseudolipoma.  Such trauma must be significant and result in large haematoma and localised swelling.  Only on very rare occasions would benefits be payable for bilateral liposuction. 

Where liposuction is indicated for the treatment of Barraquer-Simons Syndrome, lymphoedema or macrodystrophia lipomatosa, or the reduction of buffalo hump, item 45585 applies.  One regional area is defined as one limb or trunk.  If liposuction is required on more than one limb, item 45585 can be claimed once per limb. 

Full clinical details must be documented in patient notes, including pre-operative photographic and / or diagnostic imaging evidence demonstrating the clinical need for the service as this may be subject to audit.


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