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A Health Assessment for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child (less than 15 years of age)

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child health assessment must include:

  1. a personal attendance by a general practitioner;
  2. taking the patient's medical history, including the following:
    1. mother's pregnancy history;
    2. birth and neo-natal history:
    3. breastfeeding history;
    4. weaning, food access and dietary history;
    5. physical activity;
    6. previous presentations, hospital admissions and medication usage;
    7. relevant family medical history;
    8. immunisation status;
    9. vision and hearing (including neonatal hearing screening);
    10. development (including achievement of age appropriate milestones);
    11. family relationships, social circumstances and whether the person is cared for by another person;
    12. exposure to environmental factors (including tobacco smoke);
    13. environmental and living conditions;
    14. educational progress;
    15. stressful life events;
    16. mood (including incidence of depression and risk of self-harm);
    17. substance use;
    18. sexual and reproductive health; and
    19. dental hygiene (including access to dental services).
  3. examination of the patient, including the following:
    1. measurement of height and weight to calculate body mass index and position on the growth curve;
    2. newborn baby check (if not previously completed);
    3. vision (including red reflex in a newborn);
    4. ear examination (including otoscopy);
    5. oral examination (including gums and dentition);
    6. trachoma check, if indicated;
    7. skin examination, if indicated;
    8. respiratory examination, if indicated;
    9. cardiac auscultation, if indicated;
    10. development assessment, if indicated, to determine whether age appropriate milestones have been achieved;
    11. assessment of parent and child interaction, if indicated; and
    12. other examinations in accordance with national or regional guidelines or specific regional needs, or as indicated by a previous child health assessment.
  4. undertaking or arranging any required investigation, considering the need for the following tests, in particular:
    1. haemoglobin testing for those at a high risk of anaemia; and
    2. audiometry, if required, especially for those of school age
  5. assessing the patient using the information gained in the child health check; and
  6. making or arranging any necessary interventions and referrals, and documenting a simple strategy for the good health of the patient.

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Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Peoples Health Assessment

Details of the requirements for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Health Assessment,

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Health Assessment is available to:

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715 - Additional Information

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Professional attendance by a general practitioner at consulting rooms or in another place other than a hospital or residential aged care facility, for a health assessment of a patient who is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent-not more than once in a 9 month period

Fee: $224.40 Benefit: 100% = $224.40

(See para AN.0.43, AN.0.44, AN.0.45, AN.0.46 of explanatory notes to this Category)


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