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Multiple Attendances on the Same Day

Payment of benefit may be made for each of several attendances on a patient on the same day by the same medical practitioner provided the subsequent attendances are not a continuation of the initial or earlier attendances. 

However, there should be a reasonable lapse of time between such attendances before they can be regarded as separate attendances. 

Where two or more attendances are made on the one day by the same medical practitioner the time of each attendance should be stated on the account (eg 10.30 am and 3.15 pm) in order to assist in the assessment of benefits. 

In some circumstances a subsequent attendance on the same day does in fact constitute a continuation of an earlier attendance. For example, a preliminary eye examination may be concluded with the instillation of a mydriatic and then an hour or so later eye refraction is undertaken. These sessions are regarded as being one attendance for benefit purposes. Further examples are the case of skin sensitivity testing, and the situation where a patient is issued a prescription for a vaccine and subsequently returns to the surgery for the injection.


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