Medicare Benefits Schedule - Note GN.14.36

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General Explanatory Notes


Consultation and procedures rendered at the one attendance

Where, during a single attendance, a consultation (under Category 1 of the MBS) and another medical service (under any other Category of the Schedule) occur, benefits are payable subject to certain exceptions, for both the consultation and the other service.  Benefits are not payable for the consultation in addition to an item rendered on the same occasion where the item is qualified by words such as "each attendance", "attendance at which", "including associated attendances/consultations", and all items in Group T6 and T9. In the case of radiotherapy treatment (Group T2 of Category 3) benefits are payable for both the radiotherapy and an initial referred consultation. 

Where the level of benefit for an attendance depends upon the consultation time (for example, in psychiatry), the time spent in carrying out a procedure which is covered by another item in the MBS, may not be included in the consultation time. 

A consultation fee may only be charged if a consultation occurs; that is, it is not expected that consultation fee will be charged on every occasion a procedure is performed. 


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