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Maintaining Records of Diagnostic Imaging Services

Providers of diagnostic imaging services must keep records of diagnostic imaging services in a manner that facilitates retrieval on the basis of the patient's name and date of service. Records of R-type diagnostic imaging services must be retained for a period of 2 years commencing on the day on which the service was rendered. 

The records must include the report by the providing practitioner on the diagnostic imaging service. For ultrasound services, where the service is performed on behalf of a medical practitioner the report must record the name of the sonographer. 

-           Where the provider substitutes a service for the service originally requested, the provider's records must include:

·         words indicating that the providing practitioner has consulted with the requesting practitioner and the date of consultation; or

·         if the providing practitioner has not consulted with the requesting practitioner, sufficient information to demonstrate that he or she has taken all reasonable steps to do so. 

o For services rendered after a lost request, the records must include words to the effect that the request was lost but confirmed by the requesting practitioner and the manner of confirmation, e.g. how and when. 

o For emergency services, the records must indicate the nature of the emergency. 

If requested by Services Australia, records retained by a providing practitioner must be produced to an officer of Services Australia as soon as practicable but in any event within seven days after the request. Service Australia officers may make and retain copies, or take and retain extracts, of such records.  A medical practitioner who, without reasonable excuse, contravenes any of the above provisions is guilty of an offence under the Health Insurance Act 1973 punishable, upon conviction, by a fine of $1000.


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