Medicare Benefits Schedule - Note TN.1.20

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Therapeutic procedures may be provided by a specialist trainee (Items 13015 to 51318)

(1)        Items 13015 to 51318 (excluding 13209 (T1) 16400 to 16500 (T4), 16590 to 16591 (T4), 17610 to 17690 (T6) and 18350 to 18373 (T11) apply to a medical service provided by; 

     (a)  A medical practitioner, or;

     (b)  A specialist trainee under the direct supervision of a medical practitioner.

(2)        For paragraph (1) (b), a medical service provided by a specialist trainee is taken to have been provided by the supervising medical practitioner.

(3)        In this rule:  Specialist trainee means a medical practitioner who is undertaking an Australian Medical Council (AMC) accredited Medical College Training Program.  Direct Supervision means personal and continuous attendance for the duration of the service.



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