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Regional or Field Nerve Blocks - General

A nerve block is interpreted as the anaesthetising of a substantial segment of the body innervated by a large nerve or an area supplied by a smaller nerve where the technique demands expert anatomical knowledge and a high degree of precision. 

Where anaesthesia combines a regional nerve block with general anaesthesia for an operative procedure, benefit will be paid only under the relevant anaesthesia item as set out in Group T10. 

Where a regional or field nerve block is administered by a medical practitioner other than the practitioner carrying out the operation, the block attracts benefits under the Group T10 anaesthesia item and not the block item in Group T7. 

Where a regional or field nerve block which is covered by an item in Group T7 is administered by a medical practitioner in the course of a surgical procedure undertaken by that practitioner, then such a block will attract benefit under the appropriate Group T7 item. 

When a block is carried out in cases not associated with an operation, such as for intractable pain or during labour, the service falls under Group T7. 

Digital ring analgesia, local infiltration into tissue surrounding a lesion or paracervical (uterine) analgesia are not eligible for the payment of Medicare benefits under items within Group T7.  Where procedures are carried out with local infiltration or digital block as the means of anaesthesia, that anaesthesia is considered to be part of the procedure.



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