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Definitions - Foot and Ankle Items

  • Ray: From the tip of a digit to the proximal metatarsal base of that digit, including phalanges and metatarsal bones.
  • Hindfoot joints: Consist of subtalar, talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints.
  • Hindfoot bones: Consist of the calcaneus, talus, navicular and cuboid.
  • Midfoot joints: Consist of naviculocuneiform and tarsometatarsal joints.
  • Midfoot bones: Consist of cuneiforms.
  • Major ankle tendons: Consist of the Achilles’, tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, peroneal (both longus and brevis), extensor hallucis longus and flexor hallucis longus tendons.
  • Flexor tendon: Both the flexor digitorum longus and flexor digitorum brevis tendons.
  • Extensor tendon: Both the extensor digitorum longus and extensor digitorum brevis tendons.
  • Reconstruction of a tendon: Treatment of a degenerative tendon where more than end-to-end repair of tendon rupture is involved.
  • Transtarsal amputation: Involves amputation of the foot through the tarsal or metatarsal bones, or through the tarsometatarsal joints.
  • Joint debridement: Removal of osteophytes, removal of part of the joint, and removal of intervening soft tissue, loose bone ossicles or fragments from one or both sides of a joint.
  • Primary treatment: Acute and first management of an injury or pathology. 
  • Delayed or secondary treatment: Subsequent to primary treatment, or occuring after the normal expected healing time for the relevant tissue.
  • Revision procedure: A repeat operation to replace or compensate for a failed implant, correct a painful non-union of fracture or fusion, correct malunion, reconstruct a failed soft tissue procedure, or correct undesirable complications of previous surgery.
  • Operative exposure: Includes (if performed) arthrotomy and/or arthroscopy of joint, washout of joint, removal of loose fragments or loose bodies, synovectomy of neurovascular bundle and closure of capsule.
  • Radical plantar fasciotomy or fasciectomy: Involves the partial or complete removal of the plantar fascia, but does not involve simple release of the fascia.


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