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16399 - Additional Information

Item Start Date:
Description Updated:
Schedule Fee Updated:

T4 - Obstetrics

Professional attendance on a patient by a specialist practising in his or her specialty of obstetrics if:

(a) the attendance is by video conference; and

(b)    item 16401, 16404, 16406, 16500, 16590 or 16591 applies to the attendance; and

(c)    the patient is not an admitted patient; and

(d)    the patient:

(i) is located both:

(A) within a telehealth eligible area; and

(B) at the time of the attendance-at least 15 kms by road from the specialist; or

(ii) is a care recipient in a residential care service; or

(iii) is a patient of:

(A) an Aboriginal Medical Service; or

(B) an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service for which a direction made under subsection 19 (2) of the Act applies

Telehealth Item

50% of the fee for item 16401,16404,16406,16500,16590 or 16591. Benefit: 85% of the derived fee

(See para TN.4.12 of explanatory notes to this Category)

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $24.65

Results 1 to 1 of 1 matches


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