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Health Assessments

The category of people eligible for health assessments are :

a)     People aged 40 to 49 years (inclusive) with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes as determined by the Australian     Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool

b)     People between the age of 45 and 49 (inclusive) who are at risk of developing a chronic disease

c)     People aged 75 years and older

d)     Permanent residents of a Residential Aged Care Facility

e)     People who have an intellectual disability

f)     Humanitarian entrants who are resident in Australia with access to Medicare services, including Refugees and Special     Humanitarian Program and Protection Program entrants

g)     Former serving members of the Australian Defence Force including former members of permanent and reserve forces



699 - Additional Information

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A14 - Health Assessments
1 - Health Assessments

Professional attendance for a heart health assessment by a general practitioner at consulting rooms lasting at least 20 minutes and must include:

(a) collection of relevant information, including taking a patient history that is aimed at identifying cardiovascular disease risk factors, including diabetes status, alcohol intake, smoking status and blood glucose;
(b) a physical examination, which must include recording of blood pressure and cholesterol status;
(c) initiating interventions and referrals to address the identified risk factors;
(d) implementing a management plan for appropriate treatment of identified risk factors;
(e) providing the patient with preventative health care advice and information, including modifiable lifestyle factors;

with appropriate documentation.

Claimable once only in a 12 month period. The heart health assessment item cannot be claimed if a patient has had a health assessment service (items 701, 703, 705, 707, 715) in the previous 12 months.



Fee: $73.95 Benefit: 100% = $73.95

(See para AN.14.2 of explanatory notes to this Category)


Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $221.85

Results 1 to 1 of 1 matches


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