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T8 - Surgical Operations
5 - Urological
2 - Operations On Bladder

Ureteroscopy, of one ureter, with or without any one or more of; cystoscopy, ureteric meatotomy or ureteric dilatation, not being a service associated with a service to which item 36652, 36654, 36656,  36806, 36809, 36812, 36824 or 36848 applies

Multiple Operation Rule

(Anaes.) (Assist.)

Fee: $513.30 Benefit: 75% = $385.00 85% = $436.35

(See para TN.8.51 of explanatory notes to this Category)

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Ureteroscopy - (Item 36803)

Item 36803 refers to ureteroscopy of one ureter when performed for the purpose of inspection alone. It may not be used when one of the other ureteroscopy numbers (Items 36806 or 36809) or pyeloscopy numbers (Items 36652, 36654 or 36656) is used for a ureteroscopic procedure performed in the same ureter or collecting system.  It may be used when inspection alone is carried out in one ureter independently from a ureteroscopic or pyeloscopic procedure in another ureter or collecting system.  If Item number 36803 is used with one of the other above 5 numbers, it must be specified that item number 36803 refers to ureteroscopy performed in another ureter eg 36654 (Right side) and 36803 (Left side).  36803 may also be used in this way if there is a partial or complete duplex collecting system eg 36809 (Lower pole moiety ureter, Left side) and 36803 (Upper pole moiety ureter, Left side). 

Item numbers 36806 and 36809 may only be used together when 2 independent ureteroscopic procedures are performed in separate ureters.  These separate ureters may be components of a complete or partial duplex system.  If both these numbers are used together, the Regulations require qualification of these item numbers by the site, as is necessary with 36803 eg 36806 (Right side) and 36809 (Left side).


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