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39139 - Additional Information

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T8 - Surgical Operations
7 - Neurosurgical
2 - Pain Relief

Epidural lead, surgical placement of one or more of by partial or total laminectomy, including intraoperative test stimulation, for the management of chronic neuropathic pain or pain from refractory angina pectoris (H) 

Multiple Operation Rule

(Anaes.) (Assist.)

Fee: $1,031.10 Benefit: 75% = $773.35

(See para TN.8.244 of explanatory notes to this Category)

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Implanted device items

As with all interventions, implant procedures should be performed in the context of clinical best practice. This is of particular importance given the high cost of the devices. Current clinical best practice for use of these item numbers includes:

-          All procedures being performed in the context of a comprehensive pain management approach with a multidisciplinary team.

-          Patients should be appropriately selected for the procedure, including, but not limited to assessment of physical and psychological function prior to implantation with findings documented in the medical record.

-          Outcome evaluation pre and post implantation.

-          Appropriate follow up and ongoing management of implanted medical devices should be ensured.

Implantable devices require ongoing monitoring and management. If the person providing the implantation service is not the ongoing physician manager of the device, they are responsible for ensuring that appropriate ongoing management has been arranged.

Items 39130 and 39139 provide for the insertion of one or multiple leads. There is no intention to change current billing practices for these items, e.g. where more than one lead is inserted as part of an episode then the item can be billed once per lead.

Item 39133 can be billed twice per attendance where services are separate procedures. Accompanying text is required for these claims such as one item is for the removal of an infusion pump and one item is for the removal or repositioning of a spinal catheter.

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