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A31 - Addiction Medicine
1 - Addiction Medicine Attendances

Professional attendance by an addiction medicine specialist in the practice of the addiction medicine specialist's specialty of at least 20 minutes, after the first attendance in a single course of treatment for a review of a patient with at least 2 morbidities if:

(a) a review is undertaken that covers:

    (i) review of initial presenting problems and results of diagnostic investigations; and

    (ii) review of responses to treatment and medication plans initiated at time of initial consultation; and

    (iii) comprehensive multi or detailed single organ system assessment; and

    (iv) review of original and differential diagnoses; and

(b) the modified addiction medicine specialist treatment and management plan is provided to the referring practitioner, which involves, if appropriate:

     (i) a revised opinion on diagnosis and risk assessment; and

     (ii) treatment options and decisions; and

     (iii) revised medication recommendations; and

(c) an attendance on the patient to which item 104, 105, 110, 116, 119, 132, 133, 6018 or 6019 applies did not take place on the same day by the same addiction medicine specialist; and

(d) item 6023 applied to an attendance claimed in the preceding 12 months; and

(e) the attendance under this item is claimed by the same addiction medicine specialist who claimed item 6023 or by a locum tenens; and

(f) this item has not applied more than twice in any 12 month period

Fee: $152.80 Benefit: 75% = $114.60 85% = $129.90

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $458.40


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