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P7 - Genetics

Testing of a person (the person tested) for the detection of a single gene variant for diagnostic purposes, if:

  1. the person tested has a biological sibling (the sibling) with a known monogenic condition; and
  2. a service described in item 73358, 73359 or 73360 has identified the causative variant for the sibling’s condition; and
  3. the results of the testing performed for the sibling are made available for the purpose of providing the detection for the person tested; and
  4. the detection is:
    1. requested by a consultant physician practising as a clinical geneticist; or
    2. requested by a consultant physician practising as a specialist paediatrician, following consultation with a clinical geneticist; and
  5. the detection is not performed in conjunction with a service to which item 73362 or 73363 applies

Applicable only once per variant per lifetime

Fee: $400.00 Benefit: 75% = $300.00 85% = $340.00


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