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P7 - Genetics

Characterisation by whole genome sequencing, or by either or both whole exome sequencing and mitochondrial DNA sequencing, of germline variants present in nuclear DNA and in mitochondrial DNA of a patient with a strong suspicion of a mitochondrial disease, if:

(a) the characterisation is requested by a specialist or consultant physician; and

(b) the characterisation is requested because of the onset of one or more clinical features indicative of mitochondrial disease, including at least one or more of the following:

            (i) meeting the clinical criteria of a probable indicator of 

                 mitochondrial disease on a relevant scoring system;

            (ii) evident mitochondrial dysfunction or decompensation;

            (iii) unexplained hypotonia or weakness, profound hypoglycaemia

                  or “failure to thrive” in the presence of a metabolic acidosis;

            (iv) unexplained single or multi-organ dysfunction or fulminant

                  failure (including, but not limited to, neuropathies,

                  myopathies, hepatopathy, pancreatic and/or bone marrow


            (v) refractory or atypical seizures, developmental delays or cognitive

                  regression, or progressive encephalopathy or progressive


            (vi) cardiomyopathy and/or cardiac arrythmias;

            (vii) rapid hearing or painless visual loss or ptosis;

            (viii) stroke-like episodes or nonvasculitic strokes;

            (ix) ataxia, encephalopathy, seizures, muscle fatigue or weakness;

            (x) external ophthalmoplegia;

            (xi) hearing loss, diabetes, unexplained short stature, or


            (xii) family history of mitochondrial disease, or any of the above;


(c) the service is not a service associated with a service to which item 73358, 73359 or 73457 applies

Applicable only once per lifetime

Fee: $2,100.00 Benefit: 75% = $1,575.00 85% = $2,001.30


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