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A40 - Telehealth and phone attendance services
13 - Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Service – Telehealth Service

Telehealth contribution by a medical practitioner (not including a general practitioner, specialist or consultant physician), to:

(a) a multidisciplinary care plan for a patient in a residential aged care facility, prepared by that facility, or to a review of such a plan prepared by such a facility; or

(b) a multidisciplinary care plan prepared for a patient by another provider before the patient is discharged from a hospital, or to a review of such a plan prepared by another provider

(other than a service associated with a service to which items 735 to 758 of the general medical services table, or items 92074 to 92078 or items 92030 to 92034 or items 235 to 240 in the Health Insurance (Section 3C General Medical Services – Other Medical Practitioner) Determination 2018 apply).

NOTE: It is a legislative requirement that this service must be performed by the patient’s usual medical practitioner (please see Note AN.1.1 for the  definition of ‘patient’s usual medical practitioner’ as some exemptions do apply).


Fee: $61.70 Benefit: 100% = $61.70

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $185.10


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