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A40 - Telehealth and phone attendance services
31 - Geriatric Medicine Telehealth Service

Telehealth attendance of more than 60 minutes in duration by a consultant physician or specialist in the practice of the consultant physician’s or specialist’s specialty of geriatric medicine, if:

(a) the patient is at least 65 years old and referred by a medical practitioner practising in general practice (not including a specialist or consultant physician) or a participating nurse practitioner; and

(b) the attendance is initiated by the referring practitioner for the provision of a comprehensive assessment and management plan; and

(c) during the attendance:

    (i) all relevant aspects of the patient’s health are evaluated in detail using appropriately validated assessment tools if indicated (the assessment); and

    (ii) the patient’s various health problems and care needs are identified and prioritised (the formulation); and

    (iii) a detailed management plan is prepared (the management plan) setting out:

        (A) the prioritised list of health problems and care needs; and

        (B) short and longer term management goals; and

        (C) recommended actions or intervention strategies to be undertaken by the patient’s general practitioner or another relevant health care provider that are likely to improve or maintain health status and are readily available and acceptable to the patient and the patient’s family and carers; and

    (iv) the management plan is explained and discussed with the patient and, if appropriate, the patient’s family and any carers; and

    (v) the management plan is communicated in writing to the referring practitioner; and

(d) an attendance to which item 104, 105, 107, 108, 110, 116, 119 of the general medical services table or item, 91822, 91823, 91833, 91824, 91825, 91826 or 91836 applies has not been provided to the patient on the same day by the same practitioner; and

(e) an attendance to which this item or item 145 of the general medical services table applies has not been provided to the patient by the same practitioner in the preceding 12 months




Fee: $505.70 Benefit: 85% = $429.85

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $500.00


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