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T8 - Surgical Operations
1 - General

Malignant neoplasm of skin or mucous membrane that has been:

(a) proven by histopathology; or

(b) confirmed by the opinion of a specialist in the specialty of dermatology or plastic surgery where a specimen has been submitted for histologic confirmation;

removal of, by serial curettage, or carbon dioxide laser or erbium laser excision‑ablation, including any associated cryotherapy or diathermy

Multiple Operation Rule


Fee: $138.95 Benefit: 75% = $104.25 85% = $118.15

(See para TN.8.10 of explanatory notes to this Category)

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Cryotherapy and Serial Curettage Excision - (Items 30196 and 30202)

In item 30196, serial curettage excision, as opposed to simple curettage, refers to the technique where the margin having been defined, the lesion is carefully excised by a skin curette using a series of dissections and cauterisations so that all extensions and infiltrations of the lesion are removed. 

For the purposes of items 30196 and 30202, the requirement for histopathological proof of malignancy is satisfied where multiple lesions are to be removed from the one anatomical region if a single lesion from that region is histologically tested and proven for malignancy. 

For the purposes of items 30196 and 30202, an anatomical region is defined as: hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder, upper trunk or chest (anterior and posterior), lower trunk (anterior or posterior) or abdomen (anterior lower trunk), buttock, genital area/perineum, upper leg, lower leg and foot, neck, face (six sections: left/right lower, left/right mid and left/right upper third) and scalp. 

For Medicare benefits to be payable for item 30196 and 30202, the provider performing the service must also retain documented evidence that malignancy has either been proven by histopathology or confirmed by opinion of a specialist in the specialty of dermatology or plastic surgery.

Guidelines are available on the Department of Health website for what health practitioners can do to substantiate proof of malignancy where required for MBS items.

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