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Professional Attendances

Professional attendances by medical practitioners cover consultations during which the practitioner: evaluates the patient's health-related issue or issues, using certain health screening services if applicable; formulates a management plan in relation to one or more health-related issues for the patient; provides advice to the patient and/or relatives (if authorised by the patient); provides appropriate preventive health care; and records the clinical detail of the service(s) provided to the patient. (See the General Explanatory Notes for more information on health screening services.)


  • Assist - Addition/Deletion of (Assist.)
  • Amend - Amended Description
  • Anaes - Anaesthetic Values Amended
  • Emsn - EMSN Change
  • Fee - Fee Amended
  • Renum - Item Number Change (renumbered)
  • New - New Item
  • NewMin - New Item (previous Ministerial Determination)
  • Qfe - QFE Change