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Eating Disorders Telehealth – Medical Practitioner in general practice

Eating Disorders Telehealth – Medical Practitioner in general practice (92182, 92184, 92186 and 92188)

This note provides telehealth supporting information for eating disorders items provided via telehealth by a medical practitioner in general practice and should be read in conjunction with Eating Disorders General Explanatory Notes.


Record Keeping

Participating telehealth practitioners must keep contemporaneous notes of the consultation including documenting that the service was performed by video conference, the date, time and the people who participated. 

Only clinical details recorded at the time of the attendance count towards the time of the consultation. It does not include information added at a later time, such as reports of investigations.

Aftercare Rule

Video consultations are subject to the same aftercare rules as practitioners providing face-to-face consultations. 

Multiple Attendances on the Same Day

In some situations, a patient may receive a telehealth consultation and a face-to-face consultation by the same or different practitioner on the same day. 

Medicare benefits may be paid for more than one video consultation on a patient on the same day by the same practitioner, provided the second (and any following) video consultations are not a continuation of the initial or earlier video consultations. Practitioners will need to provide the times of each consultation on the patient's account or bulk billing voucher. 



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