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Billing of the Patient

CN.0.5 Billing of the Patient

Where the practitioner bills the patient for medical services rendered, the patient needs a properly itemised account/receipt to enable a claim to be made for Medicare benefits. 

Under the provisions of the Health Insurance Act 1973 and Regulations, Medicare benefits are not payable in respect of a professional service unless there is recorded on the account setting out the fee for the service or on the receipt for the fee in respect of the service, the following particulars:‑

(a) Patient's name;

(b) The date on which the professional service was rendered;

(c) A description of the professional service sufficient to identify the item that relates to that service, including an indication where the service is rendered to a person while hospital treatment is provided in a hospital or day-hospital facility (other than a Medicare hospital patient), that is, the words (ie, accommodation and nursing care) "admitted patient" immediately preceding the description of the service or an asterisk "*" directly after an item number where used;

(d) The name and practice address or name and provider number of the practitioner who actually rendered the service; (Where the practitioner has more than one practice location recorded with Services Australia, the provider number used should be that which is applicable to the practice location at or from which the service was given). 

A medical or dental practitioner must notate 'certified dental patient' on the patient's account or include 'certified dental patient' in the text field when submitting a Medicare claim for benefits. 

Where a practitioner wishes to apportion the total fee between the appropriate professional fee for the particular service and any balance outstanding in respect of services rendered previously, the practitioner should ensure that the balance is described in such a way (eg balance of account) that it cannot be mistaken as being a separate service. In particular no item number should be shown against the balance. 

Only one original itemised account should be issued in respect of any one medical service and any duplicates of accounts or receipts should be clearly marked "duplicate" and should be issued only where the original has been lost. Duplicates should not be issued as a routine system for "accounts rendered".


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