Medicare Benefits Schedule - Note GN.11.29

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General Explanatory Notes


Ministerial Determinations

Section 3C of the Health Insurance Act 1973 empowers the Minister to determine an item and Schedule fee (for the purposes of the Medicare benefits arrangements) for a service not included in the health insurance legislation.  This provision may be used to facilitate payment of benefits for new developed procedures or techniques where close monitoring is desirable.  Services which have received section 3C approval are located in their relevant Groups in the MBS with the notation "(Ministerial Determination)". 


  • Assist - Addition/Deletion of (Assist.)
  • Amend - Amended Description
  • Anaes - Anaesthetic Values Amended
  • Emsn - EMSN Change
  • Fee - Fee Amended
  • Renum - Item Number Change (renumbered)
  • New - New Item
  • NewMin - New Item (previous Ministerial Determination)
  • Qfe - QFE Change