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Oto-Acoustic Emission Audiometry - (Item 82332)

Medicare benefits are not payable under Item 82332 for routine screening of infants. The equipment used to provide this service must be capable of displaying the recorded emission and not just a pass/fail indicator.

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82332 - Additional Information

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Audiology health service, consisting of an oto-acoustic emission audiometry for the detection of outer hair cell functioning in the cochlea, performed by an eligible audiologist, when middle ear pathology has been excluded, if:

(a) the service is performed pursuant to a written request made by a medical practitioner to assist in the diagnosis, treatment or management of ear disease or a related disorder in the patient; and

(b) the service is performed:

(i) on an infant or child who is at risk of permanent hearing impairment; or

(ii) on a patient who is at risk of oto-toxicity due to medications or medical intervention; or

(iii) on a patient at risk of noise induced hearing loss; or

(iv) to assist in the diagnosis of auditory neuropathy; and

(c) the service is performed on the patient individually and in person; and

(d) after the service, the eligible audiologist provides a copy of the results of the service performed, together with relevant comments in writing that the eligible audiologist has on those results, to the medical practitioner who requested the service; and

(e) a service to which item 11332 applies has not been performed on the patient on the same day

Fee: $51.60 Benefit: 85% = $43.90

(See para MN.15.4, MN.15.5 of explanatory notes to this Category)


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