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Under Rule 4 of the Pathology Services Table, exemptions to the multiple services rule have been granted for certain specified tests.  In some circumstances tests which are repeated up to 6 times over a 24 hour period, or tests which are requested up to 6 times on a single request form and are performed within 6 months of the date of request may be eligible for separate Medicare benefits.  The services to which the exemptions apply are listed under Rule 4.(1 and 2) and cover seriously or chronically ill patients who require particular tests under specified circumstances.  In order to claim the exemptions, accounts should be endorsed "Rule 3 Exemption". 

Where a practitioner seeks an exemption to the multiple services rule for a patient whose condition requires a series of pathology investigations at various times throughout any one day or over a longer period of time, and the services required are not exempted under Rule 4, an application for exemption can be made which is endorsed "S4B(3)".  Some factors that the delegate of the Minister may take into consideration in approving an exemption are: the patient is seriously ill; there are distinct and separate collections and performances of tests; and the services involve substantial additional expenses for the Approved Pathology Practitioner.  These, and other clinical details, should be supplied by the practitioner when seeking an S4B(3) exemption. 

If Rule 3 exemptions are endorsed "S4B(3)", claim assessment could take longer as all S4B(3) claims are passed to the delegate for assessment.  S4B(3) covers all exemptions to the multiple services rule but, where applicable, specific "Rule 3 exemption" endorsements will speed up the payment of claims.  Rule 3 and S4B(3) exemptions cannot be used to overcome time based restrictions within items e.g. "-. each test to a maximum of 4 tests in a 12 month period".


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