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Abandoned surgery - (Item 30001)

Item 30001 applies when a procedure has commenced, but is then discontinued for medical reasons, or for other reasons which are beyond the surgeon's control (eg equipment failure).

An operative procedure commences when:

a)              The patient is in the procedure room or on the bed or operation table where the procedure is to be performed; and

b)              The patient is anaesthetised or operative site is sufficiently anaesthetised for the procedure to commence; and

c)              The patient is positioned or the operative site which is prepared with antiseptic or draping. 

Where an abandoned procedure eligible for a benefit under item 30001 attracts an assistant under the provisions of the items listed in Group T9 (Assistance at Operations), the fee for the surgical assistant is calculated as 50% of the assistance fee that would have applied under the relevant item from Group T9. 

Practitioners claiming an assistant fee for abandoned surgery should itemise their accounts with the relevant item from group T9. Such claims should include an account endorsement "assistance at abandoned surgery" or similar.

Under the Health Insurance Act 1973 the Chief Executive Medicare does not require claims for this item to be accompanied by details of the proposed surgery and the reasons why the operation was discontinued.  However, practitioners must maintain a clinical record of this information, which may be subject to audit.


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30001 - Additional Information

Item Start Date:
Description Updated:
Schedule Fee Updated:

OPERATIVE PROCEDURE, not being a service to which any other item in this Group applies, being a service to which an item in this Group would have applied had the procedure not been discontinued on medical grounds

50% of the fee which would have applied had the procedure not been discontinued

(See para TN.8.5 of explanatory notes to this Category)


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