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Prescribed Medical Practitioner Health Assessment for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Adult Aged 15 Years to 54 Years (Item 228)

Last reviewed: 1 November 2023

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult health assessment must include:

a.     a personal attendance by a prescribed medical practitioner (see note AN.7.1);

b.     taking the patient's medical history, including the following:

i.      current health problems and risk factors;

ii.     relevant family medical history;

iii.    medication usage (including medication obtained without prescription or from other doctors);

iv.    immunisation status, by reference to the appropriate current age and sex immunisation schedule;

v.     sexual and reproductive health;

vi.    physical activity, nutrition and alcohol, tobacco or other substance use;

vii.   hearing loss;

viii.  mood(including incidence of depression and risk of self-harm);

ix.    family relationships and whether the patient is a carer, or is cared for by another person; and

x.     vision

c.      examination of the patient, including the following:

i.      measurement of the patient's blood pressure, pulse rate and rhythm;

ii.     measurement of height and weight to calculate body mass index and, if indicated, measurement of waist circumference for central obesity;

iii.    oral examination (including gums and dentition);

iv.    ear and hearing examination (including otoscopy and, if indicated, a whisper test); and

v.     urinalysis (by dipstick) for proteinurea;

vi.    eye examination;

d.     undertaking or arranging any required investigation, considering the need for the following tests, in particular, (in accordance with national or regional guidelines or specific regional needs):

i.      fasting blood sugar and lipids (by laboratory based test on venous sample) or, if necessary, random blood glucose levels;

ii.     cervical screening;

iii.    examination for sexually transmitted infection (by urine or endocervical swab for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, especially for those aged from 15 to 35years); and

iv.    mammography, if eligible (by scheduling appointments with visiting services or facilitating direct referral).

e.     assessing the patient using the information gained in the adult health assessment; and

f.      making or arranging any necessary interventions and referrals, and documenting a simple strategy for the good health of the patient.

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Older Person's health assessment must also include:

a.     keeping a record of the health assessment; and

b.    offering the patient a written report on the health assessment, with recommendations on matters covered by the health assessment.

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228 - Additional Information

Item Start Date:
Description Updated:
Schedule Fee Updated:

Professional attendance by a prescribed medical practitioner at consulting rooms or in a place other than a hospital or a residential aged care facility, for a health assessment of a patient who is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent—applicable not more than once in a 9 month period and only if the following items are not applicable within the same 9 month period:
(a) item 715;
(b) item 92004 or 92011 of the Telehealth and Telephone Determination

Fee: $186.90 Benefit: 100% = $186.90

(See para AN.7.1, AN.7.13, AN.7.14, AN.7.15, AN.7.16 of explanatory notes to this Category)


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