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Varicose Vein Intervention and Proximal Reflux (item 32500)

Claiming Guide for the following procedures:

  1. Sclerotherapy (32500)
  2. Surgical Dissection and Ligation (Items 32507, 32508, 32511, 32514, 32517)
  3. Endovenous Laser Therapy (Items 32520 and 32522)
  4. Radiofrequency Ablation (Items 32523 and 32526)
  5. Cyanoacrylate adhesive (Items 32528 and 32529)

It is recommended that the medical practitioner performing the above procedures has successfully completed a substantial course of study and training in duplex ultrasound and the management of venous disease, which has been endorsed by their relevant professional organisation.

It is recommended that providers familiarise themselves with the symptoms to be used to assess the severity of chronic venous disease as indicated in the item descriptor. Providers should also refer to the latest Clinical impact, Etiology/Aetiology, Anatomy and Pathophysiology (CEAP) classification description for symptoms, to help determine when intervention is required.

Definition of Proximal Reflux (item 32500)

For the purposes of item 32500, proximal reflux can include: truncal, perforating or other sources of ultrasound demonstrated reflux into the vein/s being treated.

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32500 - Additional Information

Item Start Date:
Description Updated:
Schedule Fee Updated:

Varicose veins, multiple injections of sclerosant using continuous compression techniques, including associated consultation, one or both legs, if:

(a) proximal reflux of 0.5 seconds or longer has been demonstrated; and

(b) the service is not for cosmetic purposes; and

(c) the service is not associated with:

(i) any other varicose vein operation on the same leg (excluding aftercare); or

(ii) a service on the same leg (excluding aftercare) to which any of the following items apply:

(A) 35200;

(B) 59970 to 60078;

(C) 60500 to 60509;

(D) 61109

Applicable to a maximum of 6 treatments in a 12 month period


Fee: $120.85 Benefit: 75% = $90.65 85% = $102.75

(See para TN.8.4, TN.8.32, TN.8.33, TN.8.228 of explanatory notes to this Category)


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