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81105 - Additional Information

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M9 - Allied Health Group Services
1 - Diabetes education services

Diabetes education health service provided to a patient by an eligible diabetes educator, as a group service for the management of type 2 diabetes if:

(a)   the patient has been assessed as suitable for a type 2 diabetes group service under assessment item 81100, 81110 or 81120 or items 93284 or 93286 of the Telehealth and Telephone Determination; and

(b)  the service is provided to a patient who is part of a group of between 2 and 12 patients; and

(c)   the service is provided in person; and

(d)  the service is of at least 60 minutes duration; and

(e)   after the last service in the group services program provided to the patient under item 81105, 81115 or 81125 or item 93285 of the Telehealth and Telephone Determination, the eligible diabetes educator prepares, or contributes to, a written report to be provided to the referring medical practitioner; and

(f)   an attendance record for the group is maintained by the eligible diabetes educator;

to a maximum of 8 group services in a calendar year (including services in items 81105, 81115 and 81125 or item 93285 of the Telehealth and Telephone Determination)

Fee: $21.90 Benefit: 85% = $18.65

(See para MN.9.1, MN.9.3, MN.9.5, MN.9.6 of explanatory notes to this Category)

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $65.70

Results 1 to 1 of 1 matches


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