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900 - Additional Information

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A17 - Domiciliary And Residential Management Reviews

Participation by a general practitioner (not including a specialist or consultant physician) in a Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR) for a patient living in a community setting, in which the general practitioner, with the patient’s consent:
(a) assesses the patient as:
(i) having a chronic medical condition or a complex medication regimen; and
(ii) not having their therapeutic goals met; and
(b) following that assessment:
(i) refers the patient to a community pharmacy or an accredited pharmacist for the DMMR; and
(ii) provides relevant clinical information required for the DMMR; and
(c) discusses with the reviewing pharmacist the results of the DMMR including suggested medication management strategies; and
(d) develops a written medication management plan following discussion with the patient; and
(e) provides the written medication management plan to a community pharmacy chosen by the patient
For any particular patient—applicable not more than once in each 12 month period, and only if item 245 does not apply in the same 12 month period, except if there has been a significant change in the patient’s condition or medication regimen requiring a new DMMR

Fee: $170.45 Benefit: 100% = $170.45

(See para AN.0.52 of explanatory notes to this Category)

Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $500.00

Results 1 to 1 of 1 matches


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