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12201 - Additional Information

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D1 - Miscellaneous Diagnostic Procedures And Investigations
10 - Other Diagnostic Procedures And Investigations

Administration, by a specialist or consultant physician in the practice of the specialist’s or consultant physician’s specialty, of thyrotropin alfa-rch (recombinant human thyroid-stimulating hormone), and arranging services to which both items 61426 and 66650 apply, for the detection of recurrent well-differentiated thyroid cancer in a patient if: (a) the patient has had a total thyroidectomy and 1 ablative dose of radioactive iodine; and (b) the patient is maintained on thyroid hormone therapy; and (c) the patient is at risk of recurrence; and (d) on at least 1 previous whole body scan or serum thyroglobulin test when withdrawn from thyroid hormone therapy, the patient did not have evidence of well-differentiated thyroid cancer; and (e) either: (i) withdrawal from thyroid hormone therapy resulted in severe psychiatric disturbances when hypothyroid; or (ii) withdrawal is medically contra-indicated because the patient has: (a) unstable coronary artery disease; or (b) hypopituitarism; or (c) a high risk of relapse or exacerbation of a previous severe psychiatric illness applicable once only in a 12 month period

Fee: $2,633.85 Benefit: 75% = $1,975.40 85% = $2,535.15

(See para DN.1.16 of explanatory notes to this Category)

Results 1 to 1 of 1 matches


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